STF Vålåstugan - STF Stensdalen

The landscape changes from open mountain landscape and high-lying marsh to birch forest below the beautiful mountain called “Lill-Stensdal”. This stage is relatively easy, but you may have to do some serious wading when the water level is high.

During the first 9-10 kilometres you are walking just above the tree line. Follow the path around Vålåvalen and then bear off to the north. This will bring you to a nearly level but marshy section by the Kroktjärnarna lakes.

The landscape becomes more varied after Smällhögsskaftet. The Tvärån stream in the Låtedalen valley may be difficult to cross when the water is high. If so, walk upstream to where the water flow is lower, after you have crossed the streams that feed Tvärån. On this stage you can visit the old mine shaft high of the slopes of Gruvsmällen.

Close to the STF Stensdalen mountain cabin, Stensån is another stream that may be difficult to cross at high water. If crossing by wading is impossible, leave the closest riverbank and walk to the west. This crosses Stensån by a bridge next to STF Stensdalen.

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