Wooden sign in Storerikvollen

Storerikvollen - Nedalshytta

The trek between Storerikvollen and Nedalshytta is a classic Norwegian trek among mountain birch forest, mountain heaths, and marshland. Sylan, as it is called in Norwegian, lies in view throughout the trek, as a majestic peak in the landscape.

The initial way from Storerikvollen is eastwards on an easy path to the bridge across Djupholma. The route then swings southwards across marshland, where wooden walkways have been laid. It then continues over Fiskåhöjden with its alternating dry meadows and marshes, before passing the Fiskåa stream.

After crossing the Fiskåa, you arrive at a valley that opens towards a lake, Syltjärnen, in the east. It’s worth making a detour to visit Syltjärnen. Standing in this cwm, surrounded by three steep mountain walls that rise to the Syltoppen peak is one of the high points of this stage.

From Vardeberget, there is a beautiful view across Essandsjön and Nesjön to the west, and the high peaks of Sylarna to the east. The route continues on dry pathways with some marshland east of Steinfjellet, finally coming down to the DNT Nedalshytta, with its idyllic location in the birch forest.

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