Young hikers on route to Blåhammaren

STF Storulvån - STF Blåhammaren

The stage between STF Storulvån and STF Blåhammaren is short and easy. The trip starts with a ramble through mountain beech forest and continues over barren mountain landscape with boundless views across the rolling terrain.

The first part of the route passes above the luxuriant valley known simply as “The Park”. After about three kilometres you leave the forest of mountain birch and reach a plateau that leads towards the shelter at Ulvåtjärn. The subsequent path is clearly marked and easy to follow, through a rather special landscape – you are walking across the bottom of a lake from the most recent ice age. You have to wade a short distance across the stream at Ulvåtjärn before reaching the shelter. The trail continues onwards from here in a long uphill stretch, until you reach the final easy section leading to the STF Blåhammaren. From here you have a view across the complete Helags and Syl massifs to the south, and the Norwegian mountain realm in the west.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out throughout the region, which requires visitors to show respect.

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