Hiker with blue rucksack in Jämtland

Storulvån - STF Sylarna

During this hike, your gaze is drawn to the horizon and the sharp peaks of Sylarna. The terrain along the route is gently rolling without any major difficulties. Bridges and wooden walkways make it easy to cross watercourses and marshy sections.

After a few kilometres, you leave behind the forests of mountain birch at the Storulvån mountain station, and reach the open mountainside. The suspended bridge across Lill-Ulvån is an early landmark along the way. The trail then continues across rolling terrain towards a shelter at Spåime, approximately halfway to the Sylarna mountain station. The ground here is mostly dry, with some stretches of wooden walkways across marshland.

The trail continues in similar terrain towards a shelter at Gamla Sylen, which lies at the start of a 3-kilometre uphill stretch to the mountain station. Sweden first mountain station was built opposite to the shelter at Gamla Sylen, on the other side of the Syl River. There is a signpost at the site.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out in the region, and visitors must show respect for this.

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