Hikers above river delta on Kungsleden Trail

STF Teusajaure - STF Vakkotavare

The day starts with the cabin manager offering you a boat ride over the lake. Experienced rowers may want to take out a rowing boat, but it is worth noting that the lake can be very tricky to row across in certain wind conditions. When you get back on land at the other side of the lake, you are in the Stora Sjöfallet National Park.

An excellent and easy stage awaits you there – though with some tough climbs. The walk starts with a long ascent, first in mountain birch forest and then on barren mountain moorland. After 5 kilometres, there is a gully that may provide some shelter. Go upstream from the bridge over the brook. After that, the slope flattens out and the trail goes over extensive areas of heathland.

At the treeline, 1.5 kilometres above the STF Vakkotavare Mountain Cabin, there is an excellent view should you decide to stop or camp there. After that, the trail winds and twists between the mountain birches down to STF Vakkotavare and the main road between Ritsem and Gällivare.

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