STF Tjäktja - STF Sälka

This is the perfect hike for anyone who wants to fully experience wide open spaces and magnificent views! After you have come through the Tjäktja pass, a new landscape opens on the far side: the Tjäktjavagge valley, where the barren and stony land of the pass meets the luxuriance and softness of the valley.

The Tjäktja pass lies 4 kilometres south of STF Tjäktja and is the highest point of the Kungsleden trail, 1,150 metres above sea level. Those who cross the pass must often walk in the snow, and it can be rather wet underfoot. The snow fields extend around you, and the view is impressive, particularly where the pass starts to descend. The pass has a rest cabin, and the best sites for camping are located just below the Tjäktja pass itself.

After a steep and stony downhill section, the valley of Tjäktjavagge, which is 30 kilometres long, starts. The western side of the valley is bounded by a wall of rock. The peaks on the east are more rounded, but are even so impressively high. The route passes on the east of the broad mountain stream that runs through the valley. Only as you approach the end can you see STF Sälka. This is a perfect base camp for summit trips to nearby peaks, including Sockertoppen.

Remember that reindeer husbandry is carried out in the region, which requires visitors to show respect.

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