STF Vålådalen - STF Lunndörren

This trail goes mostly through subalpine coniferous forest. There are other routes you can take – the shortest being the signed path to the STF Lunndörren Mountain Cabin.

Your walk takes you over the Vålån river, which you then follow for a while until you reach a junction of paths after about 6 kilometres. If you want to take the shortest route, choose the trail towards the Lunndörrstugorna mountain cabins. However, there is another option: take the path towards Pyramiderna via Grönvallen – that is a well-preserved Sámi settlement located in the middle of the birch forest.

The famous Pyramiderna were caused by glacial retreat and there are people who sustain that they are the outcome of two ice ages. The trail towards the Pyramiderna takes you all the way to the Lunndörren cabins. The STF Lunndörren Mountain Cabin is located right down by the Lunndörrstjärnen, where forest and barren mountain landscape meet.

The whole of this region is a reindeer herding area – please treat it with respect and consideration.

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