Large group hiking from Vålåvalen to Helags

STF Vålådalen - STF Helags

The trail between Vålådalen and Helags offers hiking in an open mountainous landscape with wide stretched scenery. The many small woodland lakes and streams are perfect for both fishing and bird watching with binoculars. There is an abundance of sea birds and waders at the woodland lakes along the trail. Towards the end of the trail you will reach the impressive Helags massif with its glacier.

After leaving STF Vålå Cabins you walk west about 1 km, with scenic Smällhögarna ahead of you. When the trail splits into two you will go south towards Helags. After 3 km you will reach the bridge across Härjångsån. You then follow the trail on the east slope of Härjång Mountain with a beautiful view of the lake Vålåsjön. You will be walking through an area with reindeer herding, proceed with respect and consideration. The trail runs along a pasture which is used to gather reindeer for calf branding and slaughter.

The hike continues through the valley of Ljungan with lots of woodland lakes and marshes. At the beautiful beach of Ljungan you will find Ljungan shelter where you can stop for a rest. There is also an emergency phone here. If you have a fishing rod and a fishing permit you can go fishing in Ljungan. It is also possible to fish and rest at Krusttjärnen.

After Ljungan the trail goes uphill on the south side of Jalketsåjja until you reach the slope down towards STF Helags Mountain Station.

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