Vallbo - STF Anaris

This trail leads you through the heart of Vålådalen nature reserve. Half of the stretch goes through a lush old pine forest.

The terrain is flat with a few small hills along the trail. In the woods you will find small glades that used to be old pastures as this area once housed shielings for the new settlers of Vallbo. There is limited access to water along the trail, so remember to bring sufficient amounts with you.

After the Staloviellekåta you begin the ascent towards the fell. The stretch between Kruptje and Krapa is rather rough but the view from here makes it all worthwhile. The stretch finishes on a slight incline down towards STF Anaris situated in a beautiful spot in the east part of Vålådalen nature reserve.

There is reindeer herding in the whole area, visitors must show respect for this.

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