Vallbo - STF Lunndörren

The trail between the mountain village of Vallbo and STF Lunndörren Mountain Cabin boasts the strangest natural phenomenon in the Jämtland Mountains – The Pyramids.

The trail starts with two kilometres through dense spruce forest until you reach the boarded walkways over the mires of Vargtjärn Mountain. The trail then continues past the old shieling and Sámi settlement Grönvallen. When you reach Grönvallen you can choose between two paths, the east and west path. The paths both meet further down at the fell 3 kilometres from STF Lunndörren. Both paths offer easy and plane hiking after a few kilometres uphill.

The east path is a bit longer and more scenic. Here you will come across The Pyramids – a natural phenomenon you don´t want to miss. The Pyramids are strange cone shaped stones that were formed during the ice age.

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