Two hikers on trail in Abisko

Abisko – Nikkaluokta

This route, which follows the Kungsleden trail to a large extent, is one of the most well-known hiking trails in Sweden. The first day starts at the STF Abisko Turiststation and the route passes through the mountain birch forests in the Abisko national park.

The region is home to high peaks. The landscape above the tree limit is varied, with wide open areas, lakes, fast-flowing streams and high mountains. Here verdant rolling mountains and open heaths take over from the barren mountainside and snow-clad summits of the high mountains.

You hike through a magnificent landscape towards the highest point, which lies at the Tjäktja Pass. The marked trail mainly crosses barren mountain landscape, although the first and last stages pass through mountain birch forests to a large extent. Along the route you find five STF accommodation facilities that are located on the Kungsleden trail, and the STF Kebnekaise mountain station. You leave the Kungsleden trail at the STF Singi cabins. There are several variations of the route, taking alternative paths.

Extensive reindeer husbandry is carried out throughout the region, and visitors must show respect for this.


Train or bus from Kiruna to Abisko
Bus from Nikkaluokta to Kiruna