Hiker above river delta near Ammarnäs and Hemavan

Ammarnäs – Hemavan

This is the southernmost section of the Kungsleden walking trail. The trail goes through Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve, which is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. It contains open heaths, lush mountain birch forests, wetlands and old-growth spruce forests festooned with lichen. This provides a diverse environment for a plethora of different flora and fauna.

The six stages each have their own distinctive feature. The views stretch for miles, punctuated by dramatic valleys and surrounded by steep slopes and high peaks. When you walk through the dramatic Syterpasset, you have peaks on both sides of you that are 1,700 metres above sea level. Make your way across Lake Tärnasjö over the long bridges that join up its small islets.

STF has five mountain cabins along this section of the Kungsleden trail. Remember that this is a reindeer herding area – please treat it with respect and consideration.


There are direct flights from Stockholm to Hemavan. Buses connect Umeå to Hemavan via Storuman. To Ammarnäs: take the bus from Vännäs.

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