Hiking on the route Grövelsjön – Svukuriset – Grövelsjön

Grövelsjön – Svukuriset – Grövelsjön

Svukuriset is a Norwegian mountain station in the naturally beautiful Femundsmarka National Park. You can walk here by taking a marked summer trail via Sylen, which is located at the northern end of Lake Grövelsjön.

One way to start is by taking the boat from Sjöstugan across Lake Grövelsjön to Sylen. The hike to Svukuriset is 16 km that way.  If you opt to walk all the way, follow the trail to the west of the lake up towards Salsfjellet and then down towards Sylen.

From the northern end of Lake Grövelsjön, the summer trail climbs the steep Sylvola slope. From up here you get a beautiful view of Lake Grövelsjön and the Sylen farms. The trail then continues further towards Lake Rönnsjön and through an area of woodland before leading gently up the side of the Revlingkletten mountain. In the last section, getting to Svukuriset, you will be walking through forest. The path back to Grövelsjön starts with a walk in the forest in a southerly direction towards the Revling lakes, and then continues up towards the pass between Forborgen and Elgåhogna all the way to the junction of paths. As this is a reindeer herding area, walkers are asked to treat it with respect and consideration.


Take the bus from Mora to Grövelsjön. There is road access all the way.

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