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Grövelsjön – Sylen – Hävlingen – Grövelsjön

This is an excellent route around Lake Grövelsjön and the area surrounding it. You begin with a walk towards Sylen, which is located at the northern end of Lake Grövelsjön. You can spend the night in Sylen, but remember that the number of places available is limited and you need to book in advance. You can also take the boat towards Hävlingen and start the route directly from there.

If you opt to walk all the way – follow the path to the west of the lake up towards Salsfjellet and then down towards Sylen. From Sylen the summer trail goes further eastwards, first a little way into the forest and then over the barren mountain landscape above the treeline almost the whole way to Hävlingens Fiskecamp.

You pass Lake Grötvallsjön on the way, where there is a spot where reindeer are rounded up, selected and sorted. We recommend that you book your accommodation in Hävlingen in advance. Hävlingen is particularly popular among anglers and is widely known for its char and fly fishing. There are boats and canoes available for hire.

The trail continues from Hävlingen over the wide heaths and marshlands of the Långfjället. Dalarna’s highest peak is in sight – the Storvätteshågna, which rises a glorious 1,183 metres above sea level. The path down towards Lake Grövelsjön goes along the slopes of the Fosksjökläpparna.

This is a reindeer herding area – please treat it with respect and consideration!


Take the bus from Mora to Grövelsjön. There is road access all the way.

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