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Nikkaluokta – Vakkotavare

This is a wonderful trail that mainly follows the Kungsleden trail, which you join at the STF Singi cabins. The trail runs between Nikkaluokta and STF Vakkotavare. Most hikers, however, end their outing by taking the bus from STF Vakkotavare to the STF Saltoluokta mountain station.

You arrive at the STF Kebnekaise mountain station at the end of the first stage. The route mainly passes through birch forest, and it is possible to take a boat trip that cuts 6 kilometres off the distance. If you spend a few days at the mountain station, there are great opportunities for summit trips with the station guide.

The route continues westwards towards the imposing passage between the steep slopes of Singitjåkka and Skárttoaivi. This valley opens just before you reach the STF Singi cabins, and the view from here is magnificent. You take the Kungsleden trail towards the Kaitum cabins, along an easy path through a magnificent landscape. The rippling stream Tjäktjajåkka runs beside the trail here.

The following day offers a hike through rolling landscape to the STF cabins at Teusajaure. This is a short stage through birch forest and across bleak mountain fells, with steep uphill and downhill stretches. The final stage at the end of the last day doesn’t start until you have crossed the lake by boat from STF Teusajaure. The boat makes the trip in the mornings and evenings. Three rowing boats are also available, but it must be remembered that one of them must always be available at Teusajaure.

This may mean that you have to row three times across the lake! If you’re lucky, however, there are two boats at the starting point, and you only need to row across once. The Stora Sjöfallet national park lies on the other side of the lake. If the weather is good, you can see right over to Sarek when you have gained some height. The hike starts with a steep uphill and ends with a steep downhill, before you reach the STF Vakkotavare mountain cabin. This is right beside the road, next to the bus stop.

Many people choose to continue to the STF Saltoluokta mountain station. If you want to continue, take the bus to Kebnats and then a boat, which is always timed to connect with the bus.


By bus from Kiruna to Nikkaluokta, or by bus to Gällivare from Vakkotavare.

Kiruna and Gällivare are transport hubs. Trains and airplanes service both locations. There is a timetabled bus between Kiruna and Nikkaluokta (number 92). Saltoluokta and Vakkotavare can be reached from Gällivare using Flixbus. There are bus connections for all intercity trains that arrive from Kiruna and Gällivare.

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