Two hikers walking along Östgötaleden

The Östgötaleden Trail

Östgötaleden claims to be Sweden’s longest trail, with a length of over 1200 kilometres. It is, however, not a simple trail from A to B, but several trails connected to each other to a certain extent. The landscape is grandiose, and the trails continue beyond the county border. It is not possible to walk Östgötaleden as one continuous route: you have to switch between its different parts.

The regional association Östsam is responsible for a website that describes Östgötaleden in its entirety, and has printed descriptions and maps of the trails. Responsibility for the marking and maintenance of the trails, however, lies with various associations and organisations in the various municipalities. It is, therefore, easiest to find information about the trails through the relevant tourist office or municipality. Parts of Östgötaleden are in the European network of long-distance paths (Europaled 6).

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