Hikers walking on Padjelanta Trail


Experience the rounded mountains, heaths and large lakes that are often described as giving the greeny-blue landscape a contemplative atmosphere. This is where the 160-kilometre-long Padjelantaleden trail runs, a trail that will suit walkers of all levels, even the less experienced.

The trail through Padjelanta National Park begins and ends in Kvikkjokk and Ritsem, which are located outside the park itself.

If you walk the Padjelantaleden trail, you’ll be able to see Sareks high peaks to the east. At the southern end, you start your walk at the STF Kvikkjokk Mountain Station. Before you get to the national park, the southern part of the trail goes through both spruce and mountain birch forest. To the north, the last stage goes through mountain birch forest. The trail is 160 kilometres long altogether. Many people opt for a shorter walk by flying to or from Staloluokta. There is a scheduled helicopter service from Kvikkjokk and Ritsem.

There are plenty of mountain refuge huts you can stay at along the trail. The mountain cabins that are located after Kvikkjokk, in Tarradalen and at Akkajaure are run by STF, whereas the cabins inside the national park are run by the Sámi herding districts. The trail ends at the STF Akka Mountain Cabin and the Änonjalme Sámi settlement. You can get to Ritsem by boat if you want to stay at STF Ritsem instead. This can also be the starting point for the walk, of course.

Dogs may not be taken into the national park. As this is a reindeer herding area, please treat it with respect and consideration.

Boat services

There are boat taxi services both at the start and at the end of the trail. Ritsem has a scheduled service. At Kvikkjokk you can opt to start the route with a boat trip.

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