Father on son hiking in Roslagen

The Roslagsleden trail

Roslagsleden is a trail through the wilderness that’s never far from civilisation, following in the footsteps of the Vikings. The extent of Roslagsleden has been increased twice since it was opened in 1977. It now passes through six municipalities, and access to the trail is easy. Many people take the bus to where a stage starts, and then walk for an evening or a weekend.

The route is close to the sea, and passes charming lakes. It starts at Danderyd Church, passes Norrtälje, continues up towards the Väddö Canal and ends in beautiful Grisslehamn. The total length is 190 kilometres long and the trail is well-marked. Most of the time you are following forest paths or gravel roads through the forests and cultural landscape. You pass through many industrial communities and villages, and there are many places that offer outdoor activities or accommodation, and many cafés and camp sites. Some hotels and restaurants lie along the route, but make sure that you check their opening hours before starting out.

Feel free to create your own daily stages, depending on fitness and ambition. Or put on some trainers and run several stages in one session. Overnighting along the trail can be in wind shields, your own tent, cabins, hotels or manor houses. And if you feel like a detour, wander from Vira bruk to Siaröfortet, where STF has a hostel.

Make sure you don’t miss

Make sure you don’t miss the rune stones at the southern part of the trail. Feel the wing beats of history and admire the magnificent skill required to carve and raise a rune stone. A much more enduring message than a text or a tweet. Grisslehamn and the coastal path into the town are the most recent part of the trail, opened in 2009. The coastal path gives a wonderful feeling of freedom and majesty. It’s a great idea to make a detour, wander from Vira bruk (the Östanå ferry jetty two kilometres from the trail) to Siaröfortet, where STF has a hostel.

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