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Signature Trail the High Coast

The High Coast Trail meanders through a number of nature reserves, a national park and a natural heritage site. This guarantees great nature experiences. Hornöberget is the start and Örnsköldsvik is the destination; in between there are 128 kilometres of majestic views and dramatic nature along the highest coastline in the world. The trail is divided into 13 stages. This suggested tour combines some stages and describes a hike with six overnight stays.

Signature Trail the High Coast is one of STF’s signature trails.

Signature Trail the High Coast in short

  • Length: 128 kilometres in total, 15–25.5 kilometres per day
  • How much time: Seven days hiking, 5–10 hours per day.
  • Number of overnight stays: Six
  • Water/food along the trail: Varies between sections
  • Accommodation during the hike: Tent, hostel, hotel, camping, cabins
  • Maps: Calazo’s printed map
  • More information about the High Coast Trail

Discover the High Coast Trail

During a hike through the world heritage site the High Coast, you encounter a unique variety of nature experiences. Archipelago, magical forests, raised shingle beaches, swimming coves and rock crevices all feature along the hike. The first three days are relatively long in a partly hilly landscape, so back extra snacks! The middle part of the trail is dominated by the area around Skuleberget and Skuleskogen National Park. The section through the national park is one of the highlights of the hike. In addition to dark woodland lakes, wide views, rippling streams and deep ravines, there is also the spectacular rock crevice Slåtterdalsskrevan.

See and do along the trail
Day four, when the hike ends at Skuleberget, is a short section, so there is time to experience the area. For example, there is exciting climbing with Via Ferrata.

Don’t miss
Start really early on a nice day and experience the sunrise from a cliff with a view out over the sea and archipelago.

Sections of the High Coast Trail

Sleep here the first night: STF Kusten/Snibben Hostel

Day 1: Hornöberget-Fjärdbotten: 19.4 kilometres, 6–8 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Fjärdbottens Fäbodar (cannot be booked, 15 beds, is always open). Otherwise pitch your tent at Halsviken or Fjärdbottens Fäbodar.

The start of the trail is by the north abutment of the High Coast Bridge. The start of the trail is an old coastal highway. You hike over to Svartnoranäset across the Lövvik Bridge. After 9.8 kilometres, you arrive in Lövvik, where there is a small shop and a café during the summer. You can fill up your water bottles in the service building by Sjöboviken’s guest harbour. During the second part of the first stage, you pass Halsviken, which is a good place to stop for a break. At the end of the stage, there are two cold springs but no food.

Day 2: Fjärdbottnen-Lappudden: 24.3 kilometres, 8–10 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Pitch your tent at Lappudden, a former Sami settlement that is beautifully situated by Vågnäsfjärden. This is also home to Lappuddens Friluftscenter which offers apartments, cabins and Sami tents, as well as serving food. Reservation is required. (Lappudden is not an STF facility, which means your membership discount does not apply and you cannot book via STF).

The trail continues winding its way up on hills and down into valleys along the impressive coastal landscape of the High Coast. After 15 kilometres. you pass Gavik, an idyllic village that few tourists find. Some time later, you enter Nordingrå Nature Reserve. The last part of the stage takes you along gravel roads and it is an easy hike. There is nowhere to get food or water along this section, but these are available at the end of the stage.

Day 3: Lappudden-Skoved: 25.5 kilometres, 8–10 hours of hiking.
Stay here: STF Höga Kusten/Kustladan Hostel

The first part of the section is relatively strenuous and the latter part is easier. After 10 kilometres, water can be taken from a stream by Erikskojan. There is a convenience store and restaurants in Ullånger, 15 km from the start. At the end of the stage, there is a café and shop at the STF High Coast Hostel. For short stretches you are walking on public roads, otherwise on footpaths.

Day 4: Skoved-Skuleberget: 6.8 kilometres, 2 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Friluftsbyn offers both cabins and camping (Not STF accommodation, which means your membership discount does not apply and you cannot book via STF).

A short day of easy hiking that gives you the opportunity to take a longer rest. Or explore other adventures such as a boat ride from Docksta to Ulvön, or climb the Via Ferrata on Skuleberget. About a kilometre from the start, there is a viewpoint that looks out over the bay Dockstafjärden, make sure not to miss it! Water and food can be replenished in Docksta, which is about halfway. There is a café and restaurant at the end of the stage at Skuleberget.

Day 5: Skuleberget-Skuleskogen’s National Park (north entrance), 16.6 kilometres, 5–6 hours of hiking.
Stay here: There are places to pitch a tent a few kilometres before the end of the stage, which is the north entrance of the national park.

Inside the national park, pitching a tent is only permitted in at specifically designated places .
The first part of the stage is relatively easy and is partly on gravel roads. The second half of the section is on a path through one of the great highlights of the hike, Skuleskogen’s National Park with its dark forests and expansive views. The trail goes through the famous rock crevice Slåttedalsskrevan, something to look forward to. There is no food available on the trail and limited access to water.

Day 6: Skuleskogen National Park (north entrance)-Sandlågan, 19.7 kilometres, 6–7 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Pitch your tent near the end of the stage at Sandlågan.

The section to Köpmanholmen is an easy hike along gravel roads. There is a convenience store and restaurant here, seven kilometres from the start. The trail continues on a well-trodden path. Six kilometres of the section go through Balesudden Nature Reserve, where the terrain is hilly. There is no water or food available at the end of the stage.

Day 7: Sandlågan-Örnsköldsvik: 16.3 kilometres, 5–5 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Once you arrive in Örnsköldsvik, there is a wide range of accommodation, shops and restaurants.

The last day starts on a gravel road to Utby, where the trail enters the forest. When you pass Svedje after about eleven kilometres, there is an opportunity to fill up with water and food. The hike through Hörnösjön Nature Reserve is a lovely end to the hike before reaching the destination at Örnsköldsvik. At the end of stage there is accommodation, shops and restaurants.

Transport to the trail

Y-buss departs daily from Stockholm and stops at Hornöberget (the start of the trail). Once there you can use Länstrafiken Din Tur. Trains depart daily from Stockholm with SJ and Norrtåg. If you come by car you can park at Hotell Höga Kusten which is by the start at Hornöberget. Return transport at the end of the hike is easiest by bus.

The trail is clearly marked with orange markings on trees, poles and rocks. When the trail crosses a road there are signs with the trail symbol.

"Slåtterdalsskrevan was a lot more impressive than I had expected - WOW!"

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