Signature Trail Northern Sörmland

The Sörmlandsleden trail is Sweden’s first lowland trail. It starts near the metro station Björkhagen in Stockholm. You can take short day hikes, select individual sections or hike the full 1 000 kilometres. We describe here the first six stages, from the beat of the city to wilderness in few minutes! Signature Trail Northern Sörmland is a part of the long Sörmlandsleden trail.

Signature Trail Northern Sörmland is one of STF’s 12 signature trails.

Signature Trail Northern Sörmland in brief

  • Length: 61.5 kilometre in total, 6.5–13.5 kilometre per day
  • How much time: Six days hiking, 2–5 hours per day.
  • Number of overnight stays: Five
  • Water/food along the trail: Fresh water or cold springs are available along the trail
  • Accommodation during the hike: Tent or hostel/cabin.
  • Maps: Sö

Discover Northern Sörmlandsleden

The trail goes through the a part of Sörmland with old cultural traditions. There is a mixture of open landscape and deep forests. One minute you are hiking on rock slabs, and the next you are by a lake. On day three you enter Tyresta National Park and its untouched virgin forest. The national park consists of a varied joint valley landscape, where pine trees grow on the rock slabs and spruce trees down in the valley. When you get to Tyresta By, there is a café and village shop for stocking up on supplies. On day five, the elevation increases a bit on the way up to the mountain Tornberget.

See and do along the trail
Visit Naturum Nationalparkernas hus in Tyresta By. Nationalparkernas hus contains a presentation of all the national parks in Sweden, not just Tyresta National Park. This allows you to journey through all of Sweden’s nature in one place.

Don’t miss
Pack swimwear, you will pass a number of lakes that are excellent for swimming. The trail’s stages are relatively short, which may suit active families.

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Stages Northern Sörmlandsleden

Day 1: Björkhagen-Skogshyddan: 8.5 kilometres, 4–5 hours of hiking.
Stay here: In a tent at Skogshyddan

If you are coming from the Björkhagen metro station, walk east across Malmövägen and pass the church Markuskyrkan. There is an avenue of birch trees here that leads to Nacka friluftsområde. There is no car park at the start. The paths are easy to hike and you will pass several lakes where you can take a dip. There is fresh spring water at Sandasjön, approximately 2.5 kilometres from the end of the stage. Fill up for tonight’s cooking and tomorrow’s hike. No food is available on this section.

Day 2: Skogshyddan-Alby friluftsgård: 6.5 kilometres, 2–3 hours of hiking.
Stay here: In a tent at Alby friluftsgård

From Skogshyddan, the trail continues on a forest road to Vretatorp. There is then a section where you are surrounded by pine forest and oak-covered hills. The trail then follows the shore of the lake Öringesjön. There is no water or food available along this section. At the end of the stage, Alby friluftsgård, there is an opportunity for swimming, food service, showers, sauna and toilets.

Day 3: Alby friluftsgård-Tyresta By: 13.5 kilometres, 4–4 hours of hiking.
Stay here: In a tent outside Tyresta By

This stage runs partly through Tyresta National Park. The section is sometimes challenging, with steep uphill and downhill stretches, otherwise very easy hiking. The trail runs through crofters’ meadows, on rock slabs and over pine forest plateaus. There is a cold spring just before the national park, at Högdalen. There is no food available on this section. In Tyresta there is a café and a little shop.

Day 4: Tyresta By-Handen (Rudans gård): 10 kilometres, 4–5 hours of hiking.
Stay here: In a tent in Rudans friluftsområde
The trail initially remains close to the road Tyrestavägen before heading uphill to Högstalund and Skutan. Sometime you pass through built-up green areas. There is no food or water available along this section. There are shops and restaurants at the end of stage in Handen. At Rudans gård, which is a suitable campsite, there is an open-air pool.

Day 5: Handen (Rudans gård)-Paradiset: 11.5 kilometres, 4–5 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Paradisets Hanvedens vänner (not STF accommodation, which means your membership discount does not apply and you cannot book via STF), in your tent or in the hut Ugglekojan on the east side of Trehörningen, 1.5 km from Paradiset.

The trail passes a number of lakes and bogs. There are many rocky areas covered by pine moors and these are a distinctive feature of this area. The section contains ascents, the highest point of the stage is Tornberget, 111 metres above sea level. There are a number of places to stop for a break or a swim. Water is available at the start and end of the stage. There is a water pump along the trail, at Riddartorp. No food is available on this section. The hut Ugglekojan has two wooden plank beds and a stove, it cannot be booked so it is first come, first served.

Day 6: Paradiset-Lida Friluftsgård: 12 kilometres, 4–5 hours of hiking
Stay here: Lida friluftsgård (Not STF accommodation, which means your membership discount does not apply and you cannot book via STF)

The trail has a number of kettles, among them the largest in Sweden with a depth of 31 metre. Kettles are large holes in the landscape that were created by icebergs from the continental ice sheet. There is long hike on roads on this day. Water is available at the start and end of the stage. There is also a spring along the trail, at the former lake Kvarnsjön. No food is available on this section. Lida friluftsgård has accommodation in the form of cabins, a youth hostel and an inn.

Recharge or relax before or after your hike at STF Stockholm/Af Chapman & Skeppsholmen Hostel, STF Stockholm/Zinkensdamm Hotel, STF Stockholm/Långholmen Hostel, STF Stockholm/Hellasgården Hostel, STF Stockholm/Rygerfjord

Transport to the trail

You can get to the trail on the Stockholm Metro, get off at Björkhagen metro station. The trail starts just a few minutes’ walk from the station. From the end of the stage at Lida friluftsgård, you can take an SL bus to Tullinge and from there a commuter train to Stockholm.

Orange markings around trees and wooden poles as well as signs marked SÖRMLANDSLEDEN. Also arrows marked “S”. Stage signs with maps can be found at the start and end of stages.

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