Signature Trail Omberg

The whole Östgötaleden trail is 1 400 kilometres long. It can best be described as several trails that are entirely or partially connected to each other. One of the branches stretches west towards Lake Vättern, from Boxholm to Omberg. This is our signature trail and the one described here.

Signature Trail Omberg is one of STF’s signature trails.

Signature Trail Omberg in short

  • Length: 87 kilometres in total, 13–27 kilometres per day
  • How much time: Four days hiking, 3–8 hours per day.
  • Number of overnight stays: 3–4
  • Water/food along the trail: On the first two days, you need to bring food and water. There are restaurants, cafés and shops on the other days. You can find food in Boxholm, Ödeshög, Hästholmen and Borghamn.
  • Accommodation during the hike: Trehörna Wärdshus, STF Ödeshög/Hembygdsgården Hostel
  • Here is a map
  • More information about the trail

Discover Östgötaleden and Omberg

On the section between Boxholm and Omberg, Östgötaleden goes through a mixture of forest and agricultural landscape and along the coast of Lake Vättern. The trail runs on forest paths of a varying width, as well as on gravel roads. There are plenty of historical sites and natural features here, for example you pass the old hill fort of Mosseboborg and the oldest oak tree in Östergötland. On the last day, you hike in Ekopark Omberg, through beech forests, past giant oaks and across hay meadows. In the summer months, you are met by a splendid variety of flowers including lily of the valley, blue anemones and orchids. There are several alternative paths in the park if you do not want to take the long route.

See and do along the trail
There are several places to swim along the trail. On certain day in the summer, there are guided tours of Ellen Key’s home Strand by Lake Vättern and Ekopark Omberg.

Don’t miss
In Omberg, you can enjoy the fantastic view from Hjässan, which is the highest point in Omberg.

Sections of Signature Trail Omberg

Day 1: Boxholm-Trehörna: 26 kilometres, 8–9 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Trehörna Wärdshus (Not STF accommodation, which means your membership discount does not apply and you cannot book via STF).

The trail runs along wide forest paths, through both forest and agricultural landscapes. You pass the largest oak tree in Östergötland, which is about 700 years old. The section is somewhat hilly. There is no water or food available along this section. Trehörna Wärdshus has a restaurant.

Day 2: Trehörna-Ödeshög: 21 kilometres, 7–8 hours of hiking.
Stay here: STF Ödeshög Hostel

On day two, the trail continues mostly on forest paths, with the exception of a few kilometres of gravel road. The section is an easy hike. There is a wool spinning mill in Sjögetorp, just before Ödeshög. There is no water or food available along this section. STF Ödeshög/Hembygdsgården is in the middle of Ödeshög, where there are shops and restaurants.

Day 3: Ödeshög – Omberg/Stocklycke: 13 kilometres, 3–4 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Omberg/Stocklycke Hostel

The stage is an easy hike and uses wide paths and small roads alongside Lake Vättern. Your hike takes you through Stora Lund Nature Reserve, where it is possible to have a barbecue and go swimming. The section concludes with a hike into Ekopark Omberg. Food and drink can be obtained about halfway through the section, in Hästholmen. The end of the stage, Omberg/Stocklycke, is just by the trail.

Day 4: Around Omberg: 26 kilometres, 8–9 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Omberg/Stocklycke Hostel

The highlight of the hike is the round tour of Ekopark Omberg! The section uses wide and narrow forest paths as well as gravel roads. It is an easy hike through pastures, hay meadows and past giant oaks and beech forests. The miles-long scree slope by Lake Vättern is a characteristic of the landscape and captivates visitors. Bring water and food on your hike.

Recharge or relax before or after your hike at STF Tåkern Hostel and STF Vadstena Hostel

Transport to the trail

Train to Boxholm with SJ and Östgötatrafiken. At the end of the hike, take a bus and train back to Boxholm. Everything can be booked via SJ. There is no long-stay parking in Boxholm.

Orange markings on trees, poles and stones.

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