Wooden houses along Siljan Signature Trail

Signature Trail Siljan

The Siljansleden trail takes the form of two loops, one around the lakes Siljan and Orsasjön and one heading north from Rättvik, via Furudal and to Orsa. The trail is mostly on old summer pasture paths that reveal many memories from the past. The trail is a total of 340 kilometres and there are many options in terms of start and end points as well as hiking distance. The trail goes through the towns of Mora, Orsa, Rättvik and Leksand, which makes it easy to start the trail where it suits you. Here we describe the section Fryksås–Rättvik.

Signature Trail Siljan is one of STF’s signature trails.

Signature Trail Siljan in short

  • Length: 52 kilometres in total, 9–17 kilometres per day
  • How much time: Four days hiking, 3–8 hours per day.
  • Number of overnight stays: Three
  • Water/food along the trail: On the first and last day there are shops and restaurants at the end of the stage. You need to bring food with you for the other days. There are some opportunities to get water from streams along the trail, but be prepared to carry water for longer sections as there are long distance between the spots where you can refill bottles.
  • Accommodation during the hike: STF Orsa Hostel or tent.
  • Here is a map

Discover Siljanleden

Fryksås Fäbodar are situated with a magnificent view on the heights north of the lake Orsasjön and is the largest preserved collection of summer pasture huts in Sweden. From here, there is a beautiful hike down to Orsa where you spend the first night. On the remaining days, you hike along Dalkarlsvägen (the same section as Siljansleden to Rättvik). This route was used by local people migrating in search of work in the 16th century. They simply walked to well-to-do men in Stockholm who could give them work. We are reminded of this history throughout the entire hike. On the first night, you can pitch your tent in the summer pasture at Brunnvasselbodarna, which dates back to the 17th century. Between Granmor and Nittsjö, the trail runs along Kyrkvägen, a route from the Middle Ages that is rich in cultural heritage. The last day of the hike takes you past the 13th century church in Rättvik, which is well worth a visit.

See and do along the trail
The wildlife park Orsa Rovdjurspark is a popular visitor attraction. At the museum Rättviks naturmuseum, you can learn more about the geology of the area around Siljan, and at Siljansfors Skogsmuseum, you can learn everything about Swedish forestry.

Don’t miss
Siljansleden also has a very beautiful section for bicycles, marked with blue markers. It is 310 kilometres long.

Sections of Signature Trail Siljan

Day 1: Fryksås-Orsa: 9 kilometres, 3–4 hours of hiking.
Stay here: STF Orsa Hostel

This section starts at Fryksås Fäbodar, which is situated at a high point with a view over the lake Orsasjön. The hike is on footpaths with both uphill and downhill sections through lush woodland. The section ends in the middle of Orsa. There is no water or food available along this stage. STF Orsa Hostel is in the middle of town, by the indoor skating rink.

Day 2: Orsa (Orsa Church)-Brunnvasselbodarna: 16 kilometres, 6–7 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Pitch your tent at the Brunnsvallsbodarna summer pasture.

From day two, the hike follows Dalkarlsvägen, which takes the same route as the Siljansleden to Rättvik. Between Orsa and Viborg, the trail goes through towns and villages. After Viborg, it continues through varied surroundings such as forests, farmland and built-up areas. You are on footpaths for most of the time, but there are also minor roads and gravel roads. Water can be taken from streams along the trail, but no food is available. At the end of the stage you can take water from the stream Brunnvasselån.

Day 3: Brunnvasselbodarna-Tammeråsen: 10 kilometres, 3–4 hours of hiking.
Stay here: Pitch your tent at Tammeråsen.
After Brunnsvallsbodadarna, the trail splits and Dalkarlsvägen and Siljansleden run parallel to one another for two kilometres, after which they join up again. Tammeråsen is located high up in a secluded, south-facing spot. Be sure to fill up with water when you pass the stream Ickån as there is no access to water at the end of the stage. Limited access to water along the trail, no food available.

Day 4: Tammeråsen-Rättvik: 17 kilometres, 7–8 hours of hiking

The trail continues on footpaths through a varied landscape. After five kilometres you reach the village of Röjeråsen, in the summer months it is possible to fill up with water here. On your way to Rättvik, you pass Rättvik Church from the 13th century. No food is available on this section. There are shops and restaurants at the end of stage in Rättvik.

Transport to the trail

Trains go to Mora, then a bus to Fryksås with Dalatrafik (dalatrafik.se). Cars can be parked in a long-stay car park in Mora, take a bus to Fryksås and also a bus back at the end of the hike.

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