Summer in Storulvån and Ljungdalen

Storulvån – Ljungdalen

This tour runs from Storulvån in the north to Ljungdalen in the south. It's a classic hike that, over three days, crosses vast mountain plateaus and majestic mountain ranges. At each trail section destination, there is a mountain station with a shop, accommodation, shower, sauna, and a restaurant offering both breakfast and dinner.

Short facts Storulvån – Ljungdalen

  • Total length: 47 kilometers
  • Number of trail sections/hiking days: 3
  • Length of trail sections: 12–19 km (3–7 hours of hiking per day)
  • Water/food along the way: The trail passes by watercourses. All mountain stations have a restaurant with full rights, as well as a shop.
  • Accommodation during the hike: Mountain stations and hostels

Discover Storulvån – Ramundberget

The trail between Storulvån and Ljungdalen is a classic three-day hike ranging from 12 to 19 kilometers each day. You have the opportunity for shelter every night along the way. The purpose of building overnight accommodations in the mountains in the late 1800s was quite different from hiking from place to place “for the sake of hiking”. It was Syltoppen that was the goal, not the hike itself. STF’s very first mountain hut project in Jämtland was to build a simple cabin near Sylarna in 1890. It was placed between Enkälen and Sylmassivet, north of Enan. You pass by the signposted location on your way to Sylarna Mountain Station.

Except for a few kilometers at the very beginning and end of the hike, this route traverses alpine terrain far above the tree line. On clear days, you are treated to expansive mountain views. The wetlands along the route are usually bridged, and bridges take you over the watercourses.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out throughout the region, and visitors must show respect for this.

See and do along the trail

Climb the peaks Storsylen or Helags, both possible even for those less experienced. Guided tours are available for booking at the mountain stations.


Book train tickets via SJ. Search for your journey all the way from your departure location to your final destination, in this case, STF Storulvån Mountain Station. This way, you’ll always find connections suitable for various modes of transportation: both train and bus. You also have travel guarantee, so any delays won’t affect your ability to reach your destination.

The train goes to Enafors, then you take the bus to your final destination STF Storulvån Mountain Station. Transfer is handled by Wänseth Buss. To/from the night train, you can book directly with them or by phone at 0647-704 77.

From Ljungdalen, the easiest way is to take bus 613 to Östersund with Länstrafiken Jämtland. From there, you can take either a train or a bus to Mora, via Åsarna.

Please note that there’s about 8 km between Kläppen (where the trail ends) and Ljungdalen. It’s possible to walk, but you’ll have to walk along the road. Taxi Ljungdalsfjällen offers transfers to the village.

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Trail sections Storulvån – Ljungdalen

Below are descriptions of different accommodations, stages with distances, and other relevant hiking information.

Of course, it is possible to hike in the opposite direction to how the trail sections are presented.

Trail section 1: STF Storulvån Mountain Station – STF Sylarna Mountain Station

16 kilometers, 5–6 hours of hiking
Accommodation: STF Sylarna Mountain Station

After a few kilometers of hiking, you leave the mountain birch forest around Storulvån Mountain Station and reach the alpine terrain. You soon pass the suspension bridge over the river Lill-Ulvån. The trail then continues through rolling terrain towards the shelter Spåime, located about halfway to Sylarna Mountain Station. Here, the trail mainly goes through dry sections, but there are also boardwalks over marshy areas. During the hike, your gaze will constantly be drawn to the horizon and the pointed peaks of Sylarna.

The trail continues in similar terrain towards the shelter Gamla Sylen, which you reach before the final 3 kilometers of ascent to the mountain station.

The terrain during the hike is gently undulating and without any major difficulties. Bridges and boardwalks make it easy to cross streams and wet areas.

Trail section 2: STF Sylarna Mountain Station – STF Helags Mountain Station

19 kilometers, 6–7 hours of hiking
Accommodation: STF Helags Mountain Station

Your hiking day starts along the Sylälven River, which gracefully winds its way through the mountain landscape below the mighty Syl massif. The trail may be perceived as rocky until the intersection. An alternative starting point from STF Sylarna Mountain Station is the summer trail east of Herrklumpen. This trail starts steeper from Sylarna and is slightly shorter. Here, you gain more elevation and get a beautiful view of Sylmassivet.

After a couple of kilometers, the trail turns towards a trail junction, where you will have two options. Choose the slightly shorter route, signposted “Helags,” and walk through the pass between Kläppen and Herrklumpen towards Mieskentjakkes shelter.

The final stretch follows a lovely path along Handölan, with no significant elevation gain. STF Helags Mountain Station awaits at the foot of Sweden’s highest peak south of the Arctic Circle.

Trail section 3: STF Helags Mountain Station – Kläppen/Ljungdalen

12 kilometers, 3–4 hours of hiking
Accommodation: STF Fjällhornet Resort Ljungdalen, STF Ljungdalen Hostel

You hike on a well-trodden path in an outstanding mountain environment with the Helags massif behind you. The first half of the hike is on dry heathland before the terrain gradually transitions to mountain birch forest. Around Lake Kesusjön, west of Ljungdalen, many sports cabins and a beautiful mountain pasture stand.

End with a night at Fjällhornet or walk 6 kilometers by road from Kläppen to Ljungdalen where a hostel awaits. There are taxis in the area.

Read more about the trail sections

Do you want to know more about the individual sections? You can find additional information in our selection of trail sections.

Accommodation near Storulvån – Ljungdalen

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STF Storulvån Mountain station

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STF Sylarna Mountain station

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STF Helags Mountain station

The Jämtland mountains
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