Summer in Storulvån and Ljungdalen

Storulvån – Ljungdalen

This route runs from Storulvån in the north, to Kläppen/Ljungdalen in the south. It’s a wonderful hike that takes you across open mountain heathland and magnificent mountain massifs.

Apart from a few kilometres at the beginning and end of the hike, the route passes over barren mountain landscapes, high above the tree limit. The huge mountain massifs Sylarna and Helags are waiting for you as you trek, with summits that reach more than 1,700 metres above sea level. It is possible to reach both peaks, even if you are not an experienced hiker.

The trail between Storulvån and Ljungdalen is an easy one, with stage lengths between 13 and 19 kilometres. The hike includes bridges across watercourses, and the marshland along the route usually has wooden walkways.

You pass the mountain stations STF Sylarna and STF Helags if you take the traditional route. There is, however, an alternative that goes via Gåsenstugan to the STF Helags mountain station. More information on the Storulvån – STF Helags stage.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out throughout the region, and visitors must show respect for this.


Take the train to Duved/Enafors and then the bus to Storulvån.
From Ljungdalen, take a bus with destination Svenstavik/Östersund.

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