Storulvån – Vålådalen

This is a classic route that runs between two of Jämtlands mountain centres. Storulvån is the hub for mountain hiking in the western mountains, while Vålådalen is the hub for routes in the lower, forested landscape to the east.

The trail between Storulvån-Gåsen is closed during summertime. You will find more information here.

The route passes through the Tjallingen Sámi settlement, which lies in the heart of the reindeer summer grazing, to the STF Gåsen mountain cabin. Two routes are available from STF Gåsen to Vålådalen. You can choose either the usual route: STF Gåsen – STF Stensdalen, or follow the alternative: STF Gåsen – Vålådalen. You can then rejoin the trail, and continue towards Vålådalen on the third day of the hike.

The route passes mainly across barren mountain landscape during the first two days, while the final day takes you through alternating birch forest and coniferous forest. The trail is well-marked, and bridges along the route take you easily over the streams, which would otherwise be difficult to cross. You reach the mountain station at Vålådalen at the base of Ottfjället, in a delightful location 600 metres above sea level.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out throughout the region – show respect for this.


Take the bus from Duved/Enafors to Storulvån.
Take the bus from Vålådalen with destination Undersåker.

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