Sylarna – a round trip

A trip around Sylarna (in Swedish: “Sylarna runt”) crosses the border between Sweden and Norway, offering experiences of the two countries. The trail passes over rolling open mountainsides with the dramatic summits of the Sylarna mountains, with their glaciers and steep slopes, always in sight. Norwegian mountain grazing huts and Swedish mountain traditions meet here at our mountain stations. And you experience the difference between Swedish and Norwegian food culture.

This Swedish-Norwegian round trip can start at any one of several locations. If you choose Storulvån as starting point, the route passes via Blåhammaren to Storerikvollen, and onwards to Nedalshytta, on the Norwegian side of the border.

The trail from Storerikvollen takes you from two lakes (the large Essandsjö and the Nesjö) in the west to the Syl massif in the east. From Nedalshytta, the trail continues to the STF Sylarna mountain station. You pass through the majestic Ekorrpass below Strosola, which is the highest Swedish peak in the Syl massif, at 1,728 metres above sea level. Storsylen is a few metres across the border on the Norwegian side, and rises to 1,762 metres above sea level. The round trip ends as you arrive back at Storulvån.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out throughout the region, which requires visitors to show respect.

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