Threeparks- meet

Treparksmötet – the “Threeparks-Meet” – is the area where the Sarek, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet national parks meet. Many walkers go through it on the way to or from Sarek. If you walk the Padjelantaleden trail, you’ll go past the “meet”. But the area is worth a visit even if you are not going to Sarek or doing the whole of the Padjelantaleden trail.

The STF Akka, STF Kutjaure, STF Vaisaluokta Mountain Cabins and the Sámi herding district’s Kisuris mountain refuge hut enable you to enjoy an excellent circular route. It is a circular route that takes three to four days and connects these four cabins. A variation is to pay to be ferried over the lake by boat from the Sámi settlement at Kutjaures southeastern beach to STF Kutjaure. The route starts with a boat trip from Ritsem to Änomjalme and ends with the same boat back from Vaisaluokta.

The Áhkká massif makes for a steep contrast to the flatter landscapes in Padjelanta and the long Routesvagge. You can also opt for routes starting from the Áhkká and Kisuris cabins. Choose a route up Mount Áhkká, 2,015 metres above sea level, or the less tough Kisuris within the Sarek park.


Bus from Gällivare to Ritsem. Boat from Ritsem to Änomjalme.

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