Family of three hiking in Värmland

Trails in Värmland

Värmland is a landscape of contrasts where you can find an archipelago with barren rock cliffs, deep forests echoing to the howling of wolves, and timber rafting sites where you can sleep under the stars. You are always close to the natural world in Värmland, and there are many hiking trails to enjoy. These can be short or long, easy or more demanding – it’s up to you to choose.

You are met by a highly varied countryside in Värmland, from agricultural communities close to Vänern, through the deep forests around Fryksdalen and Klarälvsdalen, to regions that are mountain neighbours in the north. Here there is not only beautiful landscape, but also many sites of historical interest and tourist attractions, reminders of how people lived in days gone by.

Föreningen Värmlandsleder ensures that the hiking trails in the region reach a certain quality with respect to marking, information and maintenance. Trails approved by Föreningen Värmlandsleder are available in several municipalities and can be used for day-long excursions of different lengths. Värmland has fine hiking on many other trails than the quality-assured trails, such as through the Glaskogen nature reserve and along Finnskogsleden, which zigzags back and forth across the border with Norway.

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