Three hikers in birch forest on Kungsleden


The Vindelfjäll nature reserve contains all that the Lapland mountains can offer in a nutshell. Here you can find high massivs, U-bottomed valleys and mountain heathland. Further down, there are mountain birch forests, wetlands full of birdlife, lakes full of fish, and Sami settlements. If you’re lucky, you may see a mountain fox.

Kungsleden between Ammarnäs and Hemavan passes right through the region, and STF cabins are located at the end of each stage. If you hike southwards from Ammarnäs, the first day is a stiff climb up towards the STF Aigert mountain cabin. If you want an easier route, take the boat to Servestugan across Tjulträsket, west of Ammarnäs.

You then take the second highest pass on Kungsleden as part of the stage between Aigert and Serve. Stop for a while and admire the magnificent view towards Ammarfjället. Birdwatchers and anglers are usually eager to break trail at Tärnasjön. The Tärnasjö archipelago is located at the southern end of the lake, which you pass using long suspended bridges.

As you approach the STF Syter mountain cabin, views of the Syter peaks await. The U-bottomed Viterskalet is known locally as “Södra Lapporten”. Norra Sytertoppen rises beside Viterskalet: with its 1,766 metres this is the highest peak in the Vindel mountains. The trail ends at Viterskalet with a long downhill into Hemavan, the southern end of Kungsleden. The STF hostel in Hemavan offers good food and comfortable beds.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out throughout the region, and visitors must show respect for this.


  • It is possible to reach Ammarnäs and Hemavan by car, bus, train or air.
  • There are flights to Hemavan from Stockholm in the summer and winter seasons. Other airports that can be used are Storuman and Arvidsjaur. It is also possible to fly to Umeå, Lycksele or Vilhelmina. From the airport, it’s easiest to take county bus or taxi.
  • The train will bring you to Vännäs station, from where you can continue by county bus. (It’s best to use what is known as a “Resplus” ticket, in which train and bus travel are combined). During the summer, from June to August, you can also take the Inlandsbanan train to Storuman and then travel onwards by county bus.
  • Länstrafiken i Västerbotten has routes to both Ammarnäs and Hemavan. It’s also possible to take the long-distance bus Lapplandspilen from Stockholm to Hemavan.

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