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Ski touring

The mountain realm in Sweden offers magnificent outdoor experiences. On ski touring you travel through ever-varying landscape at your own pace. There are many beautiful trails to choose from suitable for all – whether looking for a relaxing excursion or a speed-filled adventure. Take a day-long trip, or set out for an excursion lasting several days, skiing between our mountain cabins. We offer many types of accommodation and activity during your tour in the Swedish mountains.
The Swedish mountains offer 4,500 kilometres of marked winter trails!

"I love the simple life in the mountains. Success is measured by warm, dry and satisfied. It’s as easy as that."

David Erixon – mountain hand, ski tour expert and STF guide

Ski tours are more stable than conventional cross-country skis. They are slightly broader and thicker, and they have a steel edge that helps when skiing downhill. The boot is also warmer and more stable.

The right of public access & ski touring

Our Swedish mountains are open for all. You can reach almost anywhere with good-quality tour skis, even across non-prepared terrain. It is, of course, easiest to travel along marked winter trails. And if you want a break or are looking for accommodation, an STF facility is never far away.

Remember that the natural world in the mountain realm often requires slightly more consideration. In areas with reindeer husbandry, for example, you should keep dogs on a lead at all times of the year.

The mountains are the site of many national parks and nature reserves, where the right of public access is sometimes extended and sometimes restricted. This may mean, for example, that it is forbidden to light fires or take a dog with you. In some places camping is forbidden, while in others the allowed duration of a camping stay is longer than what is permitted outside of the national parks. The STF hosts will be happy to help you with information about the regulations that apply.

What should I take with me?

If you are a beginner in ski touring, there are some things you should be aware of. Tour skiing is best when you are well-prepared. Before setting out, it is important that you have the right clothes and have packed correctly.

  • The weather can change suddenly in the mountains. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast just before setting out.
  • Avoid cotton garments next to the body: choose instead underclothes and thermal undergarments of wool or synthetic material. You will in this way remain warm and dry, even when you get wet or sweat. Wear thin socks of wool or synthetic material under thick woollen socks. Make sure that your feet have plenty of room in the boots, which will help to prevent them getting cold.
  • Make sure that you are not wearing too much clothing. It’s better to feel slightly chilly just before you set out, since you will start to generate heat when you ski. A thin outer jacket with hood will protect against both sun and wind, while allowing free movement. Skiing trousers without a lining are recommended.
  • The white snow reflects sunlight. Apply sun block with a high factor and wear sunglasses, even if the sun does not penetrate the cloud cover.
  • A rucksack with a volume of 40 litres is large enough for a day-long trip. Take only what is necessary with you, to keep your rucksack as light as possible. It may be necessary to put on an additional warm jacket or sweater when you stop to rest, or if the temperature falls. In windy weather, it’s useful to have a wind bag with you and a folding shovel to dig a solar pit.
  • On a trip of several days, you need to take a sleeping bag and sleeping mat if you plan to camp or stay in our mountain cabins. It’s important to keep your feet dry when travelling for several days, and then waterproof outers to pull over your boots can be useful.
  • A map and compass will help you plan your route. You should also take a first aid kit, safety line and a repair kit to ensure a safe trip in the mountains.
  • It’s easier to climb steep uphills with a pair of special skins on your skis (“stighudar”).

More information

The Mountain Safety Council of Sweden has a website with useful practical advice about keeping safe in the mountains.

Good equipment makes the trip both easier and more fun. Naturkompaniet (in Swedish) and other outdoor specialists have a broad range of goods and expert personnel.

For beginners to ski touring, it can be a good idea to take a guided tour! STF offers several guided tours


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