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The landscape of Jämtland creates opportunities for local producers of food, drink and culture – something we are proud of and try to convey in our restaurant. All the prerequisites for sustainable tourism are here.

What we have done so far

STF Blåhammaren’s focus has long been food and drink. The reindeer, beef, moose and char that is served in our restaurant is supplied by local producers and we always aim to choose primarily local and organic food. We also try to ensure that our range of drinks is as local as possible. At the breakfast buffet you will find KRAV-labelled and organic options. Our shop give you as a guest the opportunity to choose organic.

We have signed up to the STF Sustainability Pledge and we are Green Key certified. The station is heated by ecolabelled electricity certified Bra Miljöval (Good Environmental Choice) by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. This means that the energy comes from wind power and hydroelectric power. We are aware that we are in the middle of the mountains in a sensitive environment and are therefore careful to minimise as much as possible the chemicals we use for laundry and cleaning. The chemicals we use a ecolabelled (and locally produced – believe it or not!).

How can you help us become even better?

One of our biggest problems is waste. We are happy that more people want to discover the mountains but the waste bags are becoming increasingly heavy. We must either fly them down by helicopter or take them down via ground transportation, both of which are a strain on the environment. That is why the best thing you can do as a guest is to take your own waste down from the mountain.

We have recycling stations so that you can recycle your waste. Avoid doing dishes under running water, having windows open and the heating on at the same time. Save water and bring your own travel sheet and towel.

It is only by working together with you as a guest that we at STF Blåhammaren Mountain Station will be able to achieve our goals concerning far-sighted and sustainable tourism. Thank you for making a contribution and please let us know how you think we can improve our environmental efforts!

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