Many people are calling us right now and we therefore have longer waiting times than normal. You will find information from STF about coronavirus here.

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Here you can get help with matters that concern your membership of STF. We are also happy to help with advice about activities and accommodation, and to help you find the greatest experience in the mountain world.

Here we provide the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

All STF accommodations are not bookable online yet, but we work constantly to increase the number of accommodations bookable online.
The photographer who took a photograph owns the rights to it, and thus the photographs here may not be used without permission.
It is not possible to make group bookings online. Please contact the accommodation directly. N.B. that children’s price does not apply for groups.
Cancellations can be made through My booking. Log in by entering your e-mail address and password, which can be found in your booking confirmation.

Cancel or change your booking by contacting Customer Service on +46 8 463 21 00, Monday-Friday, or e-mail To cancel or to manage your booking in: Abisko, Blåhammaren, Grövelsjön, Helags, Kebnekaise, Saltoluokta, Storulvån, Sylarna and STF mountain cabins, contact the booking department on +46 10 190 2360,  Monday-Friday, or e-mail

Changes to bookings cost SEK 100 per booking. Kindly have your confirmation code and credit/debit card handy. If you modify your arrival or departure date, this will be considered a cancellation.

Terms and conditions for specific accommodations can be found in your booking confirmation. Read all terms and conditions.
Reimbursements of amounts paid will be made to your credit card within 3-7 days.
Cancellation, or change of booking, can be carried out by telephone to STF Customer Service +46 8 463 2270, Monday-Friday 9.00 am-4.00 pm CET (not public holidays).

Cancellation or change of booking for a mountain-based booking can be carried out by telephone to STF Mountain Booking +46 10 190 2360, Monday-Friday 9.00 am-12.00 pm (october-december) and 9.00 am - 2 pm (january - september) CET and Saturday-Sunday 9.00 am-3.00 pm (not public holidays).

All cancellations and change of booking are subject to our terms and conditions. For cancellation outside these hours, always contact the accommodation directly.
The following cards are accepted for payment: Visa and Mastercard.
You can pay for your accommodation/package/activity experience in a number of ways, for example with a bank card over the telephone or by bank card, Swish or PayPal online at . When booking online you can prepay ten percent of the total amount, and the remaining amount through a final payment no later than 30 days before arrival. If you book your stay less than 30 days prior to arrival, the full amount has to be paid at the time of booking. All prices are shown and debited in Swedish krona (SEK).
At STF accommodations, children stay free of charge until the year they become two years old. This applies as long as they do not occupy a bed of their own.
The reason might be:

  • The chosen accommodation is fully booked, there is no availability

  • The accommodation might not have all their availability online. Please contact the accommodation directly by phone or email

  • The accommodation might be closed for the season

  • Online booking is not possible after 18.00 the day before arrival

Turist is published six times a year. Note that all publications are in Swedish.
At our mountain stations and mountain cabins, adults or youths receive a SEK 100 discount per person per night. Children (5-15 years) receive a SEK 50 discount per child per night.

At our other accommodations adults or youths receive a SEK 50 discount per person per night. Children (5-15 years) receive a SEK 25 discount per child per night.

As a member, you also have many other benefits such as discounts on train tickets, maps and equipment. You also get our award-winning magazine Tourist sent to your mailbox or access to read it digitally. Please note that all publications are in Swedish.

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Yes. The family membership is valid for a maximum of two adults living in the same household, with an unlimited number of children and young people who also live there.
Yes, all children older than five must have their own membership card to receive membership discounts.
No, membership is personal and everyone (older than 5 years) must possess a membership card for the member’s price to be valid.
Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of payment.
Download the app "STF" and you can easily download your membership card to your smartphone.

If you do not have access to a smartphone, contact STF Customer Service here.

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The Swedish Tourist Association closely monitors the development of coronavirus to help protect guests, members and employees. If you as a guest, based on the current circumstances, decide to cancel your stay, STF's generous cancellation policy applies, as confirmed at the time of booking. The cancellation policy for your specific booking can be found in your booking confirmation. Please log into “My Booking” with the login details from your confirmation email if you are considering cancelling your stay.

If you added cancellation coverage via STF at the time of booking, you can cancel according to the regular policy. A valid medical certification must be provided, even if you belong to a high-risk group. Without cancellation coverage, STF cannot refund your cancellation on the basis of illness or being part of a high-risk group. We would recommend that you contact your insurance company for possible compensation.

View our policy for cancelling or changing bookings due to coronavirus.
STF is one of Sweden's largest non-profit member organizations and our work is mainly financed through accommodations and membership fees. Presently, the income from STF's accommodations is almost non-existent. Despite this, STF's accommodations, local chapters and non-profit patrons continue to allow people to experience a rich outdoor life, making nature and culture accessible to everyone, every day. At the moment their work is perhaps more important than ever, as many are longing for the great outdoors.

Right now we have to do everything we can to prevent STF, our 135-year-old organization, from being hit too hard. We want to continue to enable people to discover Sweden. For this to happen, our accommodations are essential. Non-profit patrons are essential in their work guiding us to new discoveries. And people who come and stay with us are essential. Right now you are vital as a member!
The Swedish Tourist Association always has a generous cancellation policy, allowing you as a guest to cancel your stay free of charge relatively close to the arrival date. The ongoing coronavirus outbreak presents an economic crisis for the entire hospitality industry and STF's accommodations are currently facing major challenges. That is why we have chosen not to change our regular cancellation policy, as it would worsen the difficult situation for STF's accommodations. However, we temporarily offer the opportunity to change bookings for accommodations in the mountains, as these are managed entirely by STF.

View our policy for cancelling or changing bookings due to coronavirus.
Most of the STF accommodations that should be open this time of year are open as normal, with safety as top priority. However, STF’s mountain huts have closed down for the winter season early this year due to the corona virus. We are taking precautions at our lodgings so that you as a guest can feel safe while staying with us.
From 19 March, following advice from the European Council and European Commission, the Swedish government has temporarily banned non-essential travelling to Sweden. The entry ban does not include travelling from another EU country to Sweden. Please read more about the ban on travel to Sweden, including a list of affected countries.
- We follow guidance from the Swedish Public Health Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD).
- All STF's accommodations, local chapters and staff have been given information about Covid-19, along with instructions and directions.
- We act according to routines that have been established, which will apply in the event of a case of Covid-19 at any of our accommodations.
- Hygiene and cleanliness are always a priority to us. We have now further strengthened our routines for cleaning, washing and hygiene.
- Increased focus on hand hygiene.
- Regular disinfection of frequently used surfaces such as door handles, reception desk, bathrooms/showers, guest kitchens, light switches, elevator buttons and other places that guests use regularly.
- Hand disinfection is often available to guests in public areas.
- We have established routines in case of illnesses among employees.

If you booked through an online travel agency such as or Expedia, their terms and conditions apply. Please contact the relevant booking channel for information on their cancellation policy.
If you live in a country where local authorities have implemented a travel ban on departure or entry in response to the coronavirus, we recommend that you contact your insurance company for possible compensation.
If you added STF’s cancellation insurance at the time of booking, you can cancel your stay according to our regular policy. A valid medical certification must be provided, even if you belong to a coronavirus high-risk group. Without cancellation coverage, STF can not refund your cancellation on the basis of illness or being part of a high-risk group. We would recommend that you contact your insurance company for possible compensation.
The season starts at midsummer and continues into September. High season is between about 20 July and 10 August. There are a lot of people in the cabins then, and in some places it can get a bit crowded. Winter season begins at New Year. Most mountain stations, however, open in February and remain open until the beginning of May. Mountain cabins open in late February/early March and are open until the beginning of May.
We follow guidance from the Swedish Public Health Agency to safeguard the health of our guests and staff. We urge people to take extra care, be responsible and ensure hand hygiene and cleanliness. If you need to cancel your stay, please read our policy for cancelling or changing bookings due to coronavirus.

If you are a guest at an STF accommodation and start experiencing symptoms indicating that you may have coronavirus (such as fever, muscle and joint pain, headache and dry cough), inform the staff, if possible without leaving your room.
To help protect guests, staff and members, the Swedish Tourist Association is carefully monitoring the development of coronavirus, Covid-19. If you as a guest decide to cancel your stay, STF's regular cancellation policy applies. The cancellation policy for your specific booking can be found in your booking confirmation. Please log into “My Booking” with the login details from your confirmation email if you may want to cancel your stay.

View our policy for cancelling or changing bookings due to coronavirus.
You can find information about Swedish Avalanche forecasts here

You will receive a membership price at our accommodations if you are a member of an organization belonging to Hostelling International. Remember to bring your membership card and show it upon check in, otherwise the membership price does not apply.
If you wish to end your membership with STF, please contact STF Customer Service. You find the contact information here.
You find all information about how we process personal data here. Information includes STF's privacy policy and data protection policy, as well as your rights in relation to these.
You will find the timetables and more useful information here.
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All STF's mountain stations and most hostels rent out sheets and towels. You choose this as an option to your reservation. If you want to bring your own sheets, you must also bring; bed sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase. If you have booked a hotel room, sheets and towel are included.

For accommodation in STF's mountain cabins, you must bring sheets or a sleeping bag. We would like to recommend travel sheets - they are light weight and take up little space in your backpack. If you want to use your sleeping bag, you must have the sheets/travel sheets on the mattress. All rooms have duvet/blanket and pillow.
You can pre-pay an unspecified place to sleep in our mountain cabins. An unspecified bed means either a regular bed or a comfortable mattress on the floor. Quilts, pillows and blankets are given for both sleeping options. You need to bring your own bed linen (or a sleeping bag). The advance payment is valid for your chosen mountain cabin. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances it is possible to stay in other mountain cabins during the pre-paid dates.

Read more about staying at STF's mountain cabins.
You can pay by debit och credit card at all our mountain stations.

Large parts of the mountain areas have limited or no mobile connectivity. Therefore we cannot always offer card payment in the mountain cabins. For the time being, it is possible to pay by credit or debit card in the following mountain cabins:

Rogen-området: Rogen
Jämtland: Arådalen, Gåsen, Lunndörren, Stensdalen och Vålåstugan.
Vindelfjällen: Aigert, Syter och Viterskalet.
Lapplandsfjällen: Abiskojaure, Alesjaure, Tjäktja, Sälka, Singi, Kaitumjaure, Teusajaure, Vakkotavare, Sitojaure, Aktse och Akka.

You can read more about payment at mountain cabins here.
No. STF doesn’t run distance learning courses any longer. The Mountain Safety Council has brought out a standard course for guides. You can find these at the website You’ll also find there the Council’s contact details, for advice on who currently runs courses.
As a member of STF, you receive a membership price at about 4,000 accommodations that are part of the international hostelling organisation, Hostelling International at
Yes, in our mountain cabins and stations but not at our hostels. A member of Hostelling International you pay members’ prices at all STF accommodations.
Many hostels have dog/pet friendly rooms and you can find this information on their websites (under "Facilities and Services"). Some hostels charge extra for the pet's accommodation. Pets are welcome free of charge at STF's mountain stations and mountain cabins, however these rooms are subject to availability.

Go to our website and search via our map function, click here.

Under "Accommodation" you can click "Change" and choose which service you want, in this case "Pets allowed". Then you will see the accommodations that welcome pets.

At some accommodations you pay extra for your pet's overnight stay, contact the accommodation directly if "pet friendly" rooms are not available while booking online.

Pets are welcome free of charge at STF's mountain stations. Please note that there are only a limited number of “pet friendly rooms”, so we recommend that you book rooms in advance at the mountain stations.

There are a limited number of pet friendly places with dogs in the mountain cabins. If the dog friendly room is full the dog can be offered a place eg. in the woodshed.
You don't have to be a member to stay at STF's accomodations, but it does make it cheaper to stay with us. Read more about our membership
See the website of your chosen accommodation for any child offers. Find accommodation on map
No. There’s relatively good coverage in the vicinity of the mountain stations, but don’t count on being contactable at all times. The further into the mountains you venture, the worse the coverage becomes.
At many hostels this is fine, as long as you have a bottom-sheet with you. It is, however, up to the hostel’s warden to decide whether it’s OK or not. At mountain stations and mountain cabins it’s not a problem.
Yes. Most of STF’s accommodations accept the most common debit and credit cards, such as VISA and Eurocard (not Diners and American Express). Places that do not accept card payments state this on their pages (under "Overview").

Some mountain cabins do not accept card payments. Please read more about payment at mountain cabins.
It is possible to cook in the guest kitchens that are available at all accommodations. However, some STF hotels do not have guest kitchens. To ensure that the hotel you want to stay at has a guest kitchen, please read the description for your chosen hotel. The guest kitchen is equipped so that you can cook and eat your food. You share the kitchen and dining area with other guests.
Our hotels, guesthouses and mountain stations as well as most hostels offer room bookings. In our mountain cabins, on the other hand, you sleep in multi-bedded rooms (sharing with other guests).
Many of our accommodations have rooms with shower and toilet, as well as rooms where you share facilities with other guests. You will find information about the room types on each accommodations webpage. Our hotels always offer rooms with private shower and toilet.
Yes, to guarantee that you can stay at your chosen accommodation, you have to book in advance.

The difference in the mountain cabins is that you can not pre-book a specific room or bed. However, you can pre-pay for an unspecified sleeping place here. At our mountain cabins you are guaranteed a place to sleep. This means you always get an unspecified sleeping place, a mattress on the floor, or a regular bed. Quilts, pillows and blankets are given for both sleeping options.
The terms & conditions may differ depending on how you booked. If you book here on our website, these rules apply. You find the terms & conditions for your specific booking in the booking process before you confirm & pay your reservation.

If  you make your reservation by telephone or email directly with the chosen accommodation, other terms of cancellation may apply.

At most of our accommodations you can cancel your reservation until no later than 18.00 the day before arrival (no later than 7 days before arrival applies for some accommodations), then no refund will be made. The same terms & conditions applies if you booked the same day as arrival day and then do not check in at the accommodation. The booking becomes binding if it is made on the day of arrival. If the accommodation has incurred expenses related to your specific booking , you are required to also pay these. Variations may occur, but the accommodation will notify you when making the reservation.

For cancellation of activities and other products, different cancellation rules apply depending on the product, so check the terms & conditions for the specific product. Gift certificates, memberships and discounted offers are non refundable.
It is true that there are mosquitoes, but no more than you will find in the archipelago of Stockholm or in the woods in Skåne. There are more mosquitoes in late spring/early summer, in mountain birch forests and near bog areas. Later in the summer there are few mosquitoes - sometimes none! Up on the mountain where the wind almost always blows, there are next to no mosquitoes.
Yes - there’s nothing better! The water should be running and clear. You can even drink the lake water in the mountains.
No, you may not. It is, however, possible to purchase a fishing permit for a large number of lakes and stretches of water. Several of our mountain stations and mountain cabins sell these fishing permits. A county’s administrative committee (länsstyrelse) has information about its permitted waters.
The Nature Conservation Authority is responsible for the public pathway system. In Norrland’s county they’re maintained by the county’s administration committee (länsstyrelse). Upkeep of local pathways is the responsibility of a local-authority leader.
Yes. According to the Rights of Public Access dogs must be kept on a leash from 1 March-20 August. Animal life is at its most sensitive to disturbance just then from even the most peaceful pet dog. Outside these times you must keep close watch over your dog, so that it doesn’t scare the wildlife. Special rules apply, according to the Nature Conservation Act, when taking your dog into a national park area. These rules can be found on the website for the respective county’s administration committee (länsstyrelse).

Dogs are welcome free of charge at STF's mountain stations. There are a limited number of dog friendly rooms so we recommend to make a reservation in advance. There are different room types, a room on your own or a room that you share with other dog owners and dogs.
Yes, of course! Make short trips of a varied nature so that they don’t get tired. It can take half a day before they’ve finished playing beside a stream - so take it slowly. A good idea with young children is to have a base (tent or mountain cabin) from which to make trips, so you don’t have to carry too much.
In the very far north of Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle. At Nuolja in Abisko you can see the midnight sun between 27 May and 18 July.
Yes, you can. If you choose to camp by one of STF’s mountain cabins or mountain stations there’s a service charge, for which you get access to the services the cabin or station provides. Read more information here.
Our mountain cabins are located in scenic locations 10-25 km from each other, which is just a day trip for most people. Read more about each mountain cabin here and look at a map to get an idea of how far it is between the specific cabins you want to visit.
Of course! For members living outside of Sweden we have a post and package fee of 140 SEK for residents in Europe and 185 SEK for non-European residents. Do you know that a membership in your own country’s hostelling organisation is valid in Sweden as well? This can be less expensive and gives you the same discounts at our accommodations.
Yes. STF’s mountain stations and most cabins have a good range of provisions for sale. You will find more information about food in the mountain cabins right here.
Absolutely not. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Swedish mountain life without great hardship. Many people enjoy just walking or skiing in the vicinity of the mountain station or mountain cabin. Those planning to make longer excursions will, of course, feel better if they’re not completely out of shape.
You go first to Kebnekaise’s mountain station, 19 km from Nikkaluokta, a bus journey from Kiruna. Then you spend the night at the mountain station and set out with the STF guide to reach the summit. You ought to allow a couple of extra days - depending on the weather it might not be possible to make the trip some days. The hike to the summit is tough, but most people can make it with moderate effort.
Yes, but only in emergencies. There is a safety room in some mountain cabins and mountain stations without any road connection.
In the cabin you will find a payment slip that you can take home and use to pay for your stay. You can also pay the money into the BankGiro account BG 5313-0225. With the payment you should include your name, which cabin you stayed at, and the date of your stay.

More information about payment at mountain cabins

Yes, but parts of it is very rocky.
Maps of the mountains are available for purchase at Lantmäteriet´s website or from good bookshops. At our mountain stations you can buy maps of the surrounding area.
Jämtland's mountains (Jämtlandsfjällen), for example the so-called Jämtland Triangle (Storulvån, Sylarna, Blåhammaren), is suitable for beginners.

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