Staying at a STF mountain cabin

The STF mountain cabins are located in sites of natural beauty, separated by 10 to 20 km along well-marked summer and winter trails. It’s simple but cosy in a mountain cabin. You will encounter the warmth of the cabin, and share both space and experiences with other guests.

Mountain cabins – simple self-catering accommodation with a cabin manager
A cabin manager is on hand to welcome you, receive payment for your stay, and inform you how things are done in our mountain cabins. Everyone lends a hand with household tasks, and as guest you will chop wood, fetch water from the stream or lake, wash up, and clean up.

Living in a cabin is simple and cosy. The cabins do not have electricity or running water, and the toilet is a dry toilet. There are rooms of several sizes, heated by stoves. The beds are bunk beds, and you sleep in your own sleeping bag or sheets. Duvets and pillows are available in the cabin. Remember to bring a towel.

The members’ kitchen is a natural gathering point in the mornings and evenings. You can cook food here, exchange advice and ideas with other skiers or walkers, and meet people who may become friends for life.

Many cabins have a wood-fired sauna, where you can relax after the day’s exertions. Most cabins also have a shop offering a wide range of basic goods.

All mountain cabins have rooms for visitors with dogs.

Prices and payment
An accommodation fee is charged for overnight accommodation in a mountain cabin, and a discounted fee is charged to members of STF. People who use the facilities only during the day, and those who camp at the cabin, are charged a service fee. The STF group card for hostels is not valid at STF mountain facilities.

The accommodation fee and the service fee are paid to the cabin manager. For list of rates, please read more here.

Booking accommodation for groups
Inform STF in advance if you are travelling with a group and intend to spend the night in a mountain cabin. This makes it easier to assign sleeping places, and makes it more likely that the group will be able to stay together. Send e-mail to fjallbokningen@stfturist.se to book accommodation for a group.

Seasonal opening hours
The winter season runs from the end of February to the end of April or beginning of May. The summer season runs from Midsummer’s Day until the middle or end of September. The opening hours of the mountain cabins may differ from one region to the next. Some cabins are open also during the New Year period.

Safety facilities in the closed season
The STF mountain cabins are closed between seasons, but safety facilities are available at all times. It is possible to spend the night, but the gas supply is closed and access to the kitchen and firewood is limited. An emergency telephone is available that can be used to contact the mountain rescue services if necessary.

The price for an overnight stay is SEK 150 for members per night. For non-members the price for an overnight stay is SEK 250 for adults and SEK 200 for children per night. You can also pay by a giro payment slip, or pay the required amount into our Plusgiro account, number 517-3. Specify your name, the name of the cabin, and the date of accommodation to ensure that the payment is recorded correctly.

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