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Nuolja Offpist

Sweden's best kept skiing secret

Nuolja Offpist, is well-known in ski-run circuits as a unique mountain for off-piste skiing, with deep snow and our pride and joy – skiing combined with panoramic views of Torneträsk, Lapporten and the Abisko Alps.

With its 500 meter vertical drop there are endless possibilities to find new lines in natural mountain terrain – only your own imagination and creativity sets the limits! The chair-lift is two kilometers long and takes about 15 minutes.

Off-pist skiing

Can take place in two zones – inside or outside the skiing area boundary. Within the skiing area, ski patrols carry out avalanche safety work daily and, if necessary, take preventive measures. Information on current conditions in the skiing area is available daily at STF Aurora Sky Station during opening hours. Feel free to ask the ski patrol for advice. Other hazards and obstacles such as windblown bare patches, shrubs, trees, rocks, boulders, cliffs, poles, avalanche cones etc are not marked.

When the chair-lift is not operating – outside opening hours, during poor weather conditions or for technical reasons, the area designated for skiing (see map) is not open to the public. This is also the case when avalanche control blasting and other work is taking place.

An exception to this can be found in the area marked Randonéeleden where you are allowed to go up to and ski down.

The skiing area is fenced with poles and ropes but has gateways via which you can go out into the second zone. Outside the skiing area, it's the rules of Nature that apply – Nuolja Offpist's ski patrol do not carry out any avalanche safety work here. Our ski patrols answer questions regarding both skiing and prevailing snow and weather conditions.

It is a wonderful experience to go off-pist skiing! But the self-responsibility lies on you as a skier. Always assess conditions – based both on terrain classification and current avalanche forecasts.

Find out about current risks for avalanches outside the skiing area at lavinprognoser

On the south side of the lift, skiing is intense and technical in nature with icefalls, steep rock formations and, usually, a few more skiers. The north side offers flatter skiing, giving you a sense of cruising. Further up on the north side is Nuolja's more challenging area. You won't be able to reach it without booting or using ski skins. And this terrain is only for experienced off-piste skiers, requiring a high degree of safety awareness.

It can sometimes be difficult to find your way on Mount Nuolja. The key to the mountain is to dare to rely on the transitions and the cleared gateways located at the bottom of both the south and north side. Follow runs/lines down to the transition and then back to the ground station. Take advantage of the time in the chair-lift to check out the runs/lines on the mountain.

Off-pist guiding and avalanche awareness day

Join our experienced ski patrollers on an off piste guiding tour! We take you to the best snow for the day and to the finest runs. Drop in at the ground station every day no later than 09.30 to sign up.

We also hold a short course every afternoon, Avalanche Awareness Day. This is a great option for those of you who want to take the first steps towards safer skiing in avalanche terrain or refresh your knowledge about avalanches before skiing.

Sign up at the ground station no later than 10.00 the same day. We also offer longer avalanche courses – more info about these is available here 

STF Aurora Sky Station

The café is the natural meeting place for skiers. No matter what the weather or wind is like, this is where you will meet old friends and make new acquaintances. When your legs need rest after skiing, comfortable sofas await, as well as a warm stove – or a sunny veranda on beautiful spring days. Every day, the café serves lunch and fika, coffee and much more.

Advice on off-pist skiing

Always carry avalanche safety equipment with you (spade, probe, transceiver) and have knowledge of how the transceiver works.

  • Never stop under a steep slope, go to one side of it.
  • Keep in mind that you can trigger avalanches when you are higher up than other people. Do not ski onto a steep slope if there are people below you.
  •  That someone has skied on a slope before you doesn't mean it's safe.
  • Unmarked obstacles / hazards occur in terrain.
  • If an accident happens it may take a long time before you get help.

In case of accident: Call Nuolja Offpist Ski Patrol +46 (0) 70 570 39 62 or use the Swedish Emergency Service number 112.

Avalanche work

Since 2000, Abisko has been Sweden's avalanche training centre; many of Sweden's avalanche experts have started their journey here! The qualified avalanche safety work carried out at Nuolja guarantees the high level of competence among our ski patrollers (patrols). There is always a certified SLAO ski patroller on site during the skiing season.

Part of a ski patrollers' work is to produce avalanche forecasts and to carry out avalanche prevention measures on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration, an assignment that STF Abisko Turiststation has had since 2002. Road and rail communications on Mount Nuolja's northern slope is the infrastructure in Sweden that is adversely affected to the greatest extent by avalanches. Avalanche forecasts are produced by ski patrollers by analyzing snow conditions based on weather data as well as digging snow profiles in avalanche prone areas. Avalanche prevention work for stretches of road and rail is carried out using Sweden's only Gazex system.

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