The Jämtland Triangle

The well-known and much-loved Jämtland Triangle is suitable for both beginners and more experienced hikers. The hike takes you from mountain station to mountain station, which means that you can hike with a light backpack. The stations have both restaurants and self-catering facilities, as well as little shops where you can buy provisions.

The Jämtland Triangle in short

  • Length: 47 kilometres in total, 12–18 kilometres per day
  • How much time: Three days hiking, 4–8 hours per day.
  • Number of overnight stays: Three
  • Water/food along the trail: You need to bring lunch and drinks. Water can be taken from streams.
  • Fully licensed restaurants: The mountain stations Storulvån, Sylarna, Blåhammaren
  • Accommodation during the hike: The mountain stations Storulvån, Sylarna and Blåhammaren
  • Maps: Calazo’s printed map
    App: Fjällkartan

Discover The Jämtland Triangle

The triangle, as it is known among locals, is a true hiking classic. After a hearty buffet breakfast at Storulvån, your legs are guaranteed to be ready for hiking. The majestic silhouette of Sylarna is in view basically the whole of the first day. When you have arrived at Sylarna Mountain Station, the sauna might seem tempting. An organic and locally produced dinner is then served in the restaurant Spiseriet for those who fancy it. The journey to Blåhammaren on day two takes you through landscape that is at first rolling before finishing with a long stretch that heads gently uphill. The reward is Blåhammaren’s famous fruit soup and a bit later their equally well-renowned dinner. The journey down to Storulvån on the final day is an easy hike, with a mixture of downhill and flat stretches. At all mountain stations, you get a good night’s sleep in a double room or shared room. Restaurants have to be booked in advance.

See and do along the trail
The nature and surroundings are beautiful throughout the whole hike. Take a nap by a rippling mountain stream or a coffee break in one of the wind shelters.

Don’t miss
Stay an extra day at Sylarna and climb Syltoppen – an exciting, high-alpine experience.

Sections of the Jämtland Triangle

Sleep here the first night: STF Storulvån Mountain Station

Day 1: Storulvån-Sylarna: 16 kilometres, 5–7 hours of hiking.
Stay here: STF Sylarna Mountain Station

The first few kilometres take you through a mountain birch forest. After the suspension bridge over the river Lill-Ulvån, the trail continues above the tree-line all the way to your destination. There trail slopes gently uphill the whole way, with a few exceptions. The famous silhouette of Sylarna can be seen all day. After eight kilometres, you come to the wind shelter at Spåjme, an great place to stop for a break if the weather is bad. Water can be taken from streams along the way. The station has a self-catering kitchen and a fully licensed restaurant.

Day 2:
Sylarna-Blåhammaren: 19 kilometres, 6–8 hours of hiking.
Stay here: STF Blåhammaren Mountain Station

The day starts downhill to Enan, after which the landscape is rolling, with both uphill and downhill stretches. After the first ascent, there is a magical view of the Sylarna range, so do not forget to turn around! At the halfway point, you reach the wind shelter at Enkälen, which is a good place to take a break. The day ends with an uphill section. Water can be taken from streams along the way. The station has a self-catering kitchen and a fully licensed restaurant.

Day 3: Blåhammaren-Storulvån, 12 kilometres, 4–5 hours of hiking.
Stay here: STF Storulvån Mountain Station

The final day of the hike can generally be described as flat, downhill, flat and downhill. In other words, an easy day. After six kilometres, you reach the wind shelter at Ulvåtjärn. The environment around the shelter is magically beautiful, with steep sand ridges and rippling streams. The trail then crosses a watercourse that you wade across. After wading across, you are walking on an old sea bed from the last ice age. The trail finishes as it started, in a mountain birch forest. Water can be taken from streams along the way. The station has a self-catering kitchen and a fully licensed restaurant.

Transport to the trail

It is easy to get to Storulvån by train. The train stops in Duved and from there you can get a bus transfer that connects with the arrival of the night train. The bus transfer is run by Wänseth Buss. Transfer to/from the night train can be booked directly with them or by phoning +46 647-704 77.

Blue signs show you the way at the start of trails and at crossings. When a summer trail and winter trail meet, follow the red trail crosses. Cairns also show the way.

"It was such a luxury to be served dinner and fine drinks after the hike."

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