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STF Aurora Sky Station

Almost at the top of Mt. Nuolja in Abisko National Park is where you will find STF Aurora Sky Station. During the dark nights of winter, you can come here to experience the vastness of the frozen arctic landscape, see the endless starry sky, and hopefully get a glimpse of the northern lights. You are transported up by our chairlift, slowly and silently it brings you up, gliding above the treetops and the sparkling snow, towards STF Aurora Sky Station at 900 meters elevation. To stay warm during the 30-minute chairlift ride, all guests are provided with warm overalls and warm boots.

Once you reach STF Aurora Sky Station our staff will be there wating for you, eager to make this a night to remember. Inside of the station you are welcomed by a warm fire, and comfortable couches to lounge in, there is also a café and a small souvenir shop. On the outside there is a big viewing terrace with a magnificent view of the Abisko valley, lake Torneträsk and the famous Čuonjávággi, also known as Lapporten. There will always be a guide working that can show you the best spots to watch the aurora, help you set up your camera and answer any questions you might have. The guide will also give a northern lights presentation several times during the evening, so you can learn more about what sparks the lights, and what people have thought they are through the years.

Tours to STF Aurora Sky Station run every night from December 13, 2020 – March 20, 2021 and start at 21:00.
STF Aurora Sky Station closes at 01:00, but if you want to end the night earlier you can just talk to the staff and they will help you get on the chairlift for the ride down.

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Some things to think about when visiting STF Aurora Sky Station

Dress warm! Even if you get warm overalls for the tour, we recommend that you bring warm clothes to wear under. It is always better to have to many layers, and have the option to remove some, than being cold and not having any layers to put on. You do not want to miss the aurora because you were to cold to go outside! We recommend bringing a warm hat, warm gloves/mittens, a warm base layer, and some extra warm layers on top of that. Do not let the cold ruin your experience!

Do not rely on your phone camera for pictures! Even though phone cameras are getting better and better, and the best can now capture the northern light on a picture, you will never get a good picture with a phone camera. If you want to take good pictures of the northern lights you should bring a proper camera, where you can adjust the aperture, shutter time and ISO, and you want to pair that with a light sensitive lens. Since you will probably be using a shutter speed of 5-20 seconds, you also need a tripod for your camera, otherwise you will get blurry pictures. Remember to bring extra batteries as well, they drain quickly in the arctic temperatures.

Avoid white light! When viewing the northern light, you want your night vision to be as good as possible. The process of getting your eyes adjusted to the darkness takes 20-30 minutes, if you are exposed to any white light, from a head torch, flashlight, or phone screen, that clock resets. However, a red light does not affect your night vision, so to ensure the best experience for yourself and other guests, do not use white lights, only red!

aurora sky station

Good to know when booking

During 27/9-12/12 2020 Abisko is open with limited service. The reception is open a few hours per day, and you can reserve a room at the hostel or one of our cabins.

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